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Saturday, April 28, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Plano, Texas on 2016-10-01 20:30:00 - Dark triangle shaped craft (4) with blue blinking lights in plano, texas - watched for an hour

I had taken my son to the jackson elementary school park (close to the medical center of plano) about an hour after sunset (approx 8:00-8:30 pm) on october 1st. it was a perfectly clear night with the exception of hazy clouds to the north. it was very still and quiet, no breeze. i happened to look directly up and noticed lights but immediately realized something abnormal. we are in the flight path of airlines headed to love field in dallas (path is approx. ne to sw) and they are always loud and fly directly over the neighborhood, but this was not an airplane and it was moving south to north. it was dark, non-reflective triangle shaped craft with 3 blue lights (one on each corner) and no other light source. it was completely still and silent and no light was being reflected off its surface which was strange since plano is a large metropolitan city with a lot of light that normally does reflect off of airplanes. it was traveling north, fairly slowly (i guess this depends on exact altitude), in a straight line. the blue lights were blinking on and off sequentially, one at a time. i watched it with my 5 year old son (you can hear him in the video) and witnessed it join 3 additional identical craft a little further north (1/4 mi away, above the medical center of plano), but still above the neighborhood. a few minutes later, 1 of the 4 triangle craft in the newly formed group shot off at incredible speed towards the west until it disappeared from view within 10 sec. (entire time - no sound at all). the 3 remaining craft in the group then increased speed and continued north until their lights were almost out of view. approximately 15 minutes later, the 3 triangle craft returned to our neighborhood together and hovered in the same spot for a short period of time until i realized their light were getting smaller. they were shooting directly up into the atmosphere above our heads. it took approximately 15 minutes before their lights disappeared altogether. it was eery because i've never seen anything with lights go straight up into the sky without flying in a direction or being carried by the wind - straight up. in terms of size and altitude: after the 3 craft had returned to our neighborhood from the north and were shooting straight up into the atmosphere, i called a friend in dallas who was approximately 11 miles to my south and he could see the 3 craft to his north as they were ascending into the atmosphere above our neighborhood. i have a video but only on youtube at this point b/c i got lost all the data on my phone shortly after.

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Credit: MUFON

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