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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Fort Valley, Georgia on 1966-05-01 00:00:00 - I was five years old. woke up in bed to see entity in my room. was standing away from me but shuffled to me and stood by me in bed. terrified me. i screamed for mom. walked back over across room. took a toy? shuffled out door. i could hear it walk. terrif

I was five years old. family of four were living in rural county of the south. i am just now able to tell my story to the world. back in 1966 i woke up in my bed and saw a short dumpy creature standing by my tea party table that was beside a set of bifolding closet doors. i could see it barely because there was a street light or some kind of light coming through the window. this thing was doing something at my table where i had tea parties with my bears and i had a few small toys. i had some small green wooden trees on the table that were gone the next day. i awoke to see it with its back or side to me and it was spending a lot of time there. i wasn't sure what it was because it was pretty dark. i thought it may have been my brother in there for some reason but it didn't look like him. i was trying to rationalize who it was until it started to walk towards me when i could see it's face. when i think about it i can see it and i am just terrified. the only thing i could relate it to was a huge chipmunk with a type of overcoat. (you have to remember i was five or so.) it made a slow shuffling sound as it walked over to me and kept getting closer to my face. it was right beside my bed and i remember pulling my covers over my face and screaming for my mother. it stood there about a minute. it seemed like an eternity and turned somehow and went back to my table. i slowly looked at it again and i could see it taking something from the table and putting it down in its coat thing. i was terrified that it would walk back over to me but if kinda of turned and slowly walked towards the door. i could hear it kinda shufrfle as it walked. it slowly opened the door and i'll never forget how quietly the door shut. i could hear if slowly shuffle down the hall. i was wondering where it was going to next and it just kinda faded down the hall. i laid there trying to figure of if was somehow my brother playing a joke on me but i just couldn't understand what it was. also, when it started walking to me i remember seeing. it's face. it's eyes were huge. head was huge with dark eyes. when i've told about this event i relive it. it's a sick kind of feeling. i see it all over again and remember every detail exactly the same. im sure over time i've forgotten some details but i know what i saw. after that night i ran to the dining room and told my mom. i told her what happened. she told me it was a nightmare. i insisted it was real. i was made to feel it didn't happen. the last time i reiterated it was in 2014, six months before she passed away. i don't think she ever believed me. i asked my brother if he saw it but he said no. i had the same dream night after night for a long time. a nightmare where a man was trying to get to me but never did. i know this was an alien,no doubt. when the book communion came out i knew it was the same type of face i had seen that night. huge deep set eyes. i started to read the book but put it down when i read about the type of alien i thought i had seen. the short stocky kind. i just couldn't read it and relive it any more. i don't know how this thing got in the house or why it was in my room, but i also had asked my brother, who was seven at the time if he had seen anything at all and he said he had seen a cigar shaped thing in the sky around that time in our lives. we moved shortly thereafter and i never saw it again.. i was basically made to think that it was a nightmare by my mom. but my wooden green trees were missing that next day and my other things were in dissaray on my table. i'll never ever get that shuffling walking sound out of my head. it was loud. i can still see this thing in my mind and have thought about getting hypnotized to bring back more details. i'm just still too scared. not really sure i want to know any more that i may have forgotten. when people say they would like to see an alien and that they think it would be cool i tell them it wouldn't be cool at all. from what i've felt they have no conscious. no feelings or regards for our emotions. they don't exist in them. i'm very tired. i always feel tired when i think about it and relive it. i hope i never see it again. i've told my kids about it and a few select others. i just want to share my story with everyone else becaus it's gen 51 years and i'm getting older. i just want to share my experience with you.. i know it wasn't a dream..And perhaps somone could tell me what it really was..Thank you for listening.

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Credit: MUFON

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