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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kapfenberg, Steiermark on 1997-08-15 22:30:00 - Disc-shape; silver/grey surface; bright yellow-white light centerset; red/green lights sideset, no sound, fast moving through or over clouds

It was a bit cloudy, but between the clouds was clear sky, so you could see the stars through the gabs/holes between the sheeplike clouds. we were walking around and i was watching the nightsky all the time. then i saw the object flying very fast through or over the clouds and directly overhead. it was just a matter of a second, i was the only one of us four kids, so it was gone before i could say "hey, look!" all i remember over the years was the grey or metallic silver color of it's surface and the perfect disk shape with the yellow-white light at it's center and i believe there was a red and a green light left and right, but no wings, so i don't guess it was an airplane. if manmade, it may was a circle shaped x-type prototype or something like that. that would explain the red and green light on the sides in my opinion. i never saw something like that again, but satellite/starlike objects changing directions or flying in snake-lines far above in that area at clear nights.

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Credit: MUFON

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