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Sunday, April 29, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Madison, Wisconsin on 2018-04-26 03:15:00 - I work outside at night by myself.I was just looking at a cloud when a ufo came out of it.

This happened se of madison.On the 26th around 3:15 am.Clear night the moon was behind me.I was working and i looked up in the sky because it was so clear and well lit with the moon behind me.I looked at a cloud that was east of me.I would say 2 or 3 miles away and not a high cloud.It was puffy.On the nw part of the cloud that part of the cloud started to push a cloud out.I thought it was air pushing it but it was calm out.As it came out of the nw side of the cloud it started to take a round shape.Then that part of the cloud disappead and i seen a big ufo.It didn't have any lights on it but i could see the whole shape.It started moving to the south,but it moved very slow along the edge of the cloud.It moved around 1 hundred yards and at that time started to cover up with a cloud it was making.Then it went east back into the cloud.This whole thing happened in around 15 seconds.I looked all around in the sky at this time and i could see a plane to the west coming toward me.The plane was very high up in the sky. when i first seen the whole ufo i was amazed at how big it was and smooth it moved.I was hoping it would come over to me.I didn't get nervous seeing it.This isn't the first ufo i have seen. between 70 and 75 i seen ufos with other people and one time with my grandmother.But i wont go into this now.This will sound odd but this time and the other times i have seen a ufo i feel at ease and not scared at all. while i was looking at this ufo i thought about getting my phone to get a photo or video but it happened so fast and i didn't want to miss it.Plus it would have taken a minute or two to get my phone. this ufo was around 50 yards wide and 15ish yard tall.It was a dull whitish to gray.But the only light was from the moon.It had a tight rounded bottom and the top part was more domed to the top part.This part was domed but i couldn't see any windows. after it went back into the cloud i felt disappointed it didn't come over, but grateful i was able to see this.And i was wondering if on this ufo a gray i had contact with in 75 was on this ufo.I know how crazy this sounds,but after what i went through in 75 i have always wondered if i would see them again.Also during the time i was watching this ufo i was standing looking east until it went back into the cloud.After a few minutes i went back to work but i did feel at peace. the only reason why i have decided to report this is....Im wondering if other people that has had contact in the past are now seeing them again.Last year i did have something else happen,but i will keep this to myself for now.I just find it odd that after 42 years of not seeing anything they have decided to show themselfsto me again. thanks for taking the time to read this.

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Credit: MUFON

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