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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Columbia Station, Ohio on 2017-06-21 00:00:00 - So a friend of mine i worked with knew i was big into alien/ufo/abduction research and told me i had to meet hus elderly mother. they live in one of the oldest houses in columbia station. she told me she’s saw something the size of a foot ball field pass

+14408763733 so i was introduced to my friends mother. she’s much older and has trouble walking and getting around and has very little access to the internet, or really any technology for that matter. her mind is very intact so i have no doubts what she told me is true. she explained she’s has many ufos pass over her home. she told me about a fighter jet chasing after triangular lights, her son has had an actual encounter, as have i, and a lot of people in the area claim to have an experience. i took an interest in extraterrestrials/ufo’s/abduction a few years ago educating myself over time, so when my friend told me some of the stories i was immediately hooked and talked to them for hours on the subject. his brother claims to have had an experience with his sister when they were very young and he gets nervous even talking about it. all of there stories from what research i’ve done seem very accurate. we all live in columbia station ohio. columbia station is very small, friendly, and farmy. we have corn fields everywhere. in fact i’m looking out of my bedroom window right now and i’m looking at a corn field. i haven’t heard of any crop circles in the area but i wouldnt doubt it if one was spotted. what i’m trying to say is we live in the middle of nowhere. a lot of people who live here claim to have been ubducted. my abduction was scary, i was napping on my couch and i woke up randomly. i got a really bad feeling like someone was in the room with me, and i got scared. i looked directly next to me at my dresser mirror and i could see a figure. it looked like the back of a head with a back and neck and i began to panic. i sat up, and half way lifting my body i couldn’t move. i tried to scream and yell out for my parents but i was unable to move or make noise. i don’t recall for what happened afterwards. when it happened i thought it was a ghost, (a man killed himself in our house so i’m always paranoid about it so that’s what i thought the being was when i saw it.) i was talking to my close friend halley days later and she was talking about her home being hunted (it wasn’t until she told me about her house that i remembered this happened to me) so i started to tell her about the “ghost” i saw. i was describing what happened, the not being able to move, yelling out, and not being able to recall for what happened after. that’s when i realized it wasn’t a ghost. me being so interested on the subject i knew exactly what happened to me and i actually started to cry. not in a bad way. my experience scared me but i wanted to be ubducted for a long time, because of my interest in them. i know this was supposed to be a detailed description of the ufo my friends mother saw, but i needed to tell my experience to someone because everyone thinks i’m crazy. i would be fine with taking a lie detector test, or any test for that matter. if someone could get back to me i’d really appreciate it. columbia station is a place you guys should really check out.

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Credit: MUFON

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