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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cave Creek, Arizona on 1993-07-31 00:00:00 - I saw a ufo in the sky on multiple occasions late at night in cave creek arizona in 1993.

I had several sightings of an unknown object from august of 1993 - october 1993. this occurred in cave creek, arizona. i frequently used to stay up late at night to watch tv and to look at the stars, as the sky tends to be clear in this area of the desert. sometime in august of 1993, on a weekend night, some time around 3 am, i noticed a light in the sky which seemed quite a distance away, to the northwest. it was dark, and i had no landmarks to tell how high the object was, how large it was, or how far away it was. my best guess is that it was 15-100 miles away. at first i thought it was a normal aircraft of some kind, such as a plane or a helicopter. however, it moved like no aircraft i have ever seen or heard of. it would just sit stationary in the sky for some time, perfectly still, for perhaps 15 minutes to 1 hour. then, it would abruptly make erratic movements in precise geometric patterns. it reminded me of drawing patterns on an etch-a-sketch. it would do this for several minutes, then it would become perfectly stationary again in the sky. to my knowledge of known technology at the time, helicopters and planes are not capable of making these kinds of movements. this would go on for perhaps 1-3 hours, and at some point i would go to sleep, or the object would move out of visual range. i had this experience 5-10 times in this 2 month period. it was always around 2-3 am, and it was always on a weekend night. in october 1993 i relocated to another state so i do not know if this continued at this location. i did report this to a nearby sheriff station, and they seemed completely uninterested. by definition this is a ufo - unidentified flying object.I am aware that there are multiple military bases in arizona, including air force bases. i can only think of 3 possible explanations for what i saw. 1- this was a very high tech military aircraft, possible experimental aircraft, likely unknown by the public. 2-this was an object from another planet. 3- this was an extra-temporal object from our planet from the future. i shared this experience with neighbors close by and they also seemed uninterested. my interest was peaked again after the mass ufo sighting over phoenix arizona in 1996 or 1997, that was seen by thousands of people and was videotaped and shown on the local tv news and the national news, that seemed to be a group of lights in squadron formation, or it was lights on one very large object.

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Credit: MUFON

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