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Saturday, April 28, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in NEWPORT, GWENT, Wales on 1984-12-26 17:30:00 - 1984 sighting in newport, gwent , south wales, uk

The greatest experience i have had was on boxing night, 26th december 1984, at approximately 5.30pm in newport, gwent, south wales, uk. my wife, 3month old son and i were travelling home from my sister’s home in cwmbran where we had spent some time with other family members. as we approached the traffic lights by st. mary’s church at the junction on malpas road for bettws (we were headed straight on towards neweprt town centre), i noticed two large perfectly circular lights above the horizon, larger than headlights on cars on the road and quite some distance apart. i asked my wife if she could see them (we stopped at the red traffic lights at the time) with which she replied that she could see them and asked what i thought it was. i told her i didn’t know but we should keep an eye on it and hopefully we would get a better look when we come out of the motorway underpass (you would really need to see the actual road layout to really understand why i said this). as we came out of the underpass we could still see it and it looked really close. as we reached (what was called then) the harlequin roundabout, we realised it was just in front of us and a few hundred feet in the air, stationary. not a sound from it. a few moments later the two headlights went out (looked like they closed up). 3 much smaller bright lights lit up in a large triangle shape. then the triangle filled with sparkling, tiny, electrical/sparky type effect. at this point you could actual make out a solid object. a triangle with various shapes (difficult to explain). then a red light came in the centre and started pulsating towards the point (which eventually appeared to be the rear of the craft as the craft moved off flat end first where the headlights had been earlier). then very slowly and totally silent, it started to move off towards cwmbran. we must have been watching it for at least ten minutes and each time something happened, i would ask my wife if she was seeing the same thing and each time she assured me we were seeing the same thing. i telephoned the police to report it and just received disbelief, sarcasm and asked if i had been drinking.

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Credit: MUFON

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