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Sunday, April 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in San José del Cabo, Baja California Sur on 2018-03-28 14:13:00 - Orb followed airplane wing during the taxi to runway and take off

I do not know what compelled me to video out takeoff from cabo san lucas, but i did. i was sitting at a window seat in the exit row - row 13 seat a, i could not visually see anything unusual while i filmed it from my iphone 8. i was facing forward and just tilted the camera to film the take off from the little airplane window...I did not view through the phone at anytime. later when i reviewed this takeoff event, i noticed the orb like object following in front of the left wing about two feet forward. it appeared to be stable in relation to the wing throughout the turning of the plane onto the runway, acceleration of the plane and take off. also this object did not seem to move as i panned to the wingtip and forward a few times. there are other obvious flashes of "sun arcs, flashes" but this one did not seem to act the same. also there are obvious reflections from the window pane that remained constant. it then all of a sudden disappeared. i cannot understand what it is and have tried to research for an explanation but have not seen anything to care it to. i still do not know what made me film this, i have only filmed once before and that was a flight from lima peru up over the mountains... the landscape from above was spectacular. i was thinking of the safety of this flight, for some odd reason, the fact that my entire family was on this flight and if it should not go well, the whole family would be gone.. kind of was thinking ... praying ... to my deceased parents to watch for our safety... those were my thoughts. i felt comfortable once we were stabilized at the right altitude. i then looked back at the film i just made and that's when i saw the "orb" following /guiding the wing/plane. i cannot stop thinking about it. it is a positive feeling but also aware that this may just be one of those camera mishaps?? i would appreciate an honest review to ease my mind on the subject. i am not sure of the direction of takeoff exactly but i also sent a picture of the runway from google images i found.

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Credit: MUFON

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