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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Allen, Texas on 2018-04-03 00:00:00 - Has occurred most clear nights for a month. basicall same time frame 10 am till 1 am.

We were in house in the evening. wife noticed a star like object through the window. she noticed that it was unusual as it was very bright and pulsated with orange and white light. she knew it was not a star or planet or aircraft. we have since observed the object almost every clear night since the first sighting a month ago. when the object appears (around 10 pm)it remains almost stationary. if you watch it for a while you can see slight movement. it then slowly moves from the southern sky to the southwest sky. then it becomes stationary and slowly starts to descend until it goes below the rooftop of our garage. as it gets close to the time it disappears (around 1am)it starts to move around more. when my wife moves away it moves a lot more. when she comes back it moves around less. just a few minutes before if disappears below the roof top of garage is when it really starts to dart around almost as if it knows we are losing site of it. at first we were sure it was a ufo and were pretty creeped out about. both of us are very pragmatic so then we tried to rationalize it as a drone or whatever. but rational discourse has not provided an answer. now we just want to get an explanation if possible as it bothers us to feel watched. but it keeps coming back. we feel like we are being watched. we wonder if it knows we are watching it from its increased movement as it disappears from sight as explained above. in closing, we are both rational, somewhat skepticle people. i am aware that these objects do exist from the profound evidence which has surfaced lately from the pentagon. we just want to know if this is one of them. thank you and we look forward to your comments. i would like to talk with one of your investigators if possible as i expect this object may be back nightly for a while. sincerely james

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Credit: MUFON

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