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Monday, April 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Edison, New Jersey on 1975-06-30 19:15:00 - Very long elongated diamond shape. object was translucent and moving at a very slow speed.

A friend and myself were walking thru a large open field in the park when we felt some sort of presence. we looked up and could make out a very large elongated diamond shaped outline in the night sky. it appeared to be translucent being we could see obscured stars thru it. the shape was moving very slowly and had no sound. at that point we started running towards are homes thru the woods and upon exiting the woods a police stopped and 2 officers starting running into the woods. we asked them if they saw it and the officers replied yes. i'm a little hazy on the year but i believe it was around 1975 and the police had gave a statement to the star ledger news paper. i have done a search on line for the article but have been unable to find it. a few years ago i was listening to the riley martin radio show and a man from galveston texas called in and described exactly the same object i witnessed over the gulf of mexico.. it gave me goose bumps that he saw the same object almost 40 years later. i hope this helps with your research

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Credit: MUFON

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