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Thursday, April 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bengaluru, Karnataka on 2018-04-12 22:30:00 - Four copper colored disc like objects seen in the night sky

It was past 10:20pm and i was just on the terrace, to relax feeling the wind. i use to look up at the stars whenever i’m on the terrace. tht night i found very few stars. and suddenly, my friend pointed to the sky and said wow something is moving very fast, what is that? and i found 4 copper colored disc like objects moving across the sky. i spotted them to the south west direction, heading to north. there were four objects. they were so clear! they will in copper color and didn’t make any noise. two of the objects were in a straight-line formation, and the other two hovered around it. it was like the other two objects that were hovering were trying to keep up with the two objects that were in a straight-line formation. they moved really fast, like moved across the entire horizon in like 6-10 seconds, before they disappeared behind the clouds. after 10-15 min i saw another golden object falling from the sky to the ground. but this one was more glowy. it didn’t touch the ground, it seemed like it was falling but then gained back it’s elevation and flew away. really fast! it was not really like the first four objects that i saw. thisone didn’t really seem to be in disc shape. my mind was blank for a minute after i saw this! i didn’t know how to explain what i had just seen. i was so amazed! it was a special view for me...

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Credit: MUFON

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