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Friday, April 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Quapaw, Oklahoma on 1973-10-14 01:15:00 - A friend and i saw like a flying 2 story house,lights followed until landed

When my buddy and i were coming back from baxter springs kansas to our dorm in miami ok.My friend and i were coming down us rt 66/alt 69, when we crossed the oklahoma border we turned right (west) onto e. 20th rd. we needed to use the bathroom so we drove about 1/3 mile, stopped and took a pee. while doing so i looked off to the right of me and cruising about 25mph was a large black rectangle going west, with 2 red lights on the opposite corner there was white lights blinking. we both tried to understand what we were seeing. it made no noise and we stood silent for a minute or 2 before deciding what to do.To we chose to follow it but when it turned left it never wavered or dipped, it just stopped rotated left, and headed south down s620 rd. the terrain was a little hilly so we lost sight of it, we thought we lost it, but at the bottom of the second hill about 100 yards out in the field, there it sat, on the grand surrounded by a few trees. we watched for a few minutes, and then we decided maybe we should go. i have only talked to a few close friends about this because lots of people thought you were nuts. my friend and i were out at the spook light in sw missouri and a man there had had a sighting and without me telling my story first, he described what i had seen about a month earlier.

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Credit: MUFON

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