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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Truro, Nova Scotia on 2018-04-11 00:00:00 - Orbs/ufo back again this week but this time hovering over 2 different spots to do what they do

I was laying in bed watching youtube with my husband. it was just after midnight; my husband was out like a light but i wasn’t very tired so i decided to go to down to the kitchen and grab a snack. as i ventured down the stairs from our bedroom loft i got about halfway down when i suddenly stopped dead in my tracks. a wave of high strangeness washed over my body, followed by a certain uneasiness which is hard to explain. i thought maybe i was just being paranoid so i continued my way down the rest of the stairs to gran a yogurt and a water from the fridge. as i was grabbing my stuff i couldn’t fight the intense urge to look out my kitchen window; just to ease my curiosity. well i’m a cat when it comes to my unwavering curiosity; it is a serious problem for me. so i looked out my large kitchen window only to see a golf ball sized plasma ord. it was super bright and glowing but it was translucent and then sometimes transparent. it looked stationary but from watching the videos and studying the stills it was hovering spinning and vibrating all at the same time. i will send all of the footage i captured last night and i hope you can tell me why i am seeing this stuff almost nightly now for almost a year? i would greatly appreciate your efforts. best regards, audrey williams p.S i would advise when looking at the videos zoom in. if you don’t it just won’t pay it justice. also, please ignore the iphone camera’s infamous “green dot” i apologize for the shaky hand as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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