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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Liverpool, England on 2017-10-20 22:05:00 - An unknown object appeared on a security camera

The story of how i came across this video is very lucky i was deleting all the hundreds of clips from a security camera to free up space on my computer and noticed the time that the camera got activated which made me play it(it never activates at night time because the house it was in was completely empty),i was really shocked when i played it i've never seen anything like that in my life.Anyway the story is my father lived alone in the house he was bedridden and had carer's coming in to look after him 5 times a day, i bought the camera from a shop down south it was spy camera which looked like a pir off a alarm system,i wanted it to make sure my fathers carers where looking after him so i could play back the recordings to see they were doing that.My father died in may 2017 in the house and with myself being the only child inherited the property,i started to empty/clean do repairs to the property because i was going to sell the house.I left the camera still plugged in and recording just in case someone broke into the then empty house,i most tell you something about the camera,it looks like a pir and records when it detects movement also which is a nuisance bright sunlight sets it off aswell, it has a good nightvision facility and can see ok in near pitch darkness another downside of the camera is if it dos'nt detect movement it won't carry on recording i think that's why this clip is so short.In november 2017 the house had a buyer i'd finished the repairs etc and i'd go down ever 2 or 3 days just to check on it till i handed over the keys. a few day before that i disconnected the camera and took it back home,i then downloaded what the camera had filmed which i persumed to be me working on the property and forgot all about it.Just a few days ago i came across these videos of me working on the house and started to delete them as i said earlier the only thing that stopped me getting rid of this was the time gone 10pm in the empty house,when i played the video a few times i noticed right at the very beginning of the video some sort of a leg thing shrinks into the body of the thing and on the right near its top whats seems for a split second a little flipper turns like a hand and shrinks into the body aswell i then noticed a glow around it with something moving inside near its head also when it started to move it had waves going down towards the floor almost like a beam anyway i can't think of anything else to tell you but ask away if there's something i've missed.

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Credit: MUFON

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