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Sunday, April 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Beeville, Texas on 2018-04-01 15:30:00 - It was a rotating cloud like formation that was stationary for about 30 minutes. all other clouds were floating north but it did not move.

I usually do not look outside and not at the sky unless i am already out and going somewhere. i felt a need to look out my 2nd story apartment window. i saw a cloud shaped like a rotating disk over oso bay or perhaps corpus christi bay. it was stationary and behind the normal clouds which were floating to the north. there seem to be something hiding behind the cloud that i could not see. i saw the rotating rim going counter-clockwise. i had another witness look at what i was seeing and he said it "felt" weird looking at it. i took several pictures of it and it looks like just a cloud. pictures never seem to capture the "real" image of something. i would have thought, yes just a cloud but perhaps not. on thursday march 30, 2018, i was getting in my car and noticed some weird lines in the south and east sky. they looked like lines on a notepad. not the usual chemtrails that look like a grid. these were really close together. as for the ufo shaped cloud, it disappeared, i did not see it go. other clouds were floating by but it was just gone. there and then gone. i have several photos/videos but only will send 2. they are mostly alike but will attach more if needed at another time.

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Credit: MUFON

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