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Sunday, April 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Peyton, Colorado on 2018-04-08 15:02:00 - Brown cylinder object appeared to be floating on the wind, but changed spped & elevation. shot to the left. hovered. accelerated away abruptly.

Around 3:02 pm on 8 april 2018 i was looking south out of my kitchen windows. it faces part of antler creek golf course. it was sunny with a variable breeze of 9 mph max. i noticed the brownish/black cylinder moving like it was on the wind. it came into view from my left while i was looking out the window. at first i thought it was some sort of balloon, but it had no irregular edges, and no visible writing on it. the object appeared round. about the size of a medicine ball. it was brownish in color, but i remember a circle pattern on the side that was black in color and looked like a bolt pattern. no lights, windows, or any other surface attachments. it flew over the golf course at about a hight of 60-75 ft. i had a clear look at it because i walk over to the patio door and watched it. it did not wobble ever in flight. it moved smoothly. near the edge of the golf course it rose straight up about 150 feet. it came down again to about 60 feet on the other side of 2 trees. then it abruptly moved about 20 feet left on a straight course. it then headed south at a high speed and was gone. i was surprised how smoothly it moved. it can be windy here so stuff is always blowing through. there is an airport just a few miles south east of here. i see small planes, helicopters, ultralights, military aircraft, and private drones all the time. i have never seen anything maneuver like that before. the object accelerated away at speed to the south as it gained altitude.

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Credit: MUFON

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