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Saturday, April 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Newton Abbot, England on 2018-04-20 22:29:00 - Bright fiery geometric shaped anomaly

I was watching television when i felt compelled to go outside.. i thought to myself i am not going out there in the dark for some reason i felt frightened then all of a sudden i heard a voice say "go outside your be ok" i grabbed my nikon p900 camera and put my shoes on and went out into the back garden. i looked around the sky for anything out of the ordinary but there was nothing unusual to be seen. it was a clear starry night i looked around to the south and i was delighted to see a beautiful bright crescent moon. i took some photographs of the moon and then looked around the sky once more before heading back towards the back door. i touched the back door handle and felt the urge to look to the east towards buckland and in the sky above the centrax factory that was acquired by mb aerospace there was a fiery bright light that was out of place in the sky that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. i immediately zoomed in with my nikon p900 camera and was shocked to see inside the fiery bright light there were geometric shapes that at first took on the form of what looked like a castle. the geometric shapes then appeared to be moving around taking on many different forms. i was gobsmacked i immediately started to take photographs of this very strange anomaly. the fiery anomaly started to ascend and move to the right and then to the left before it shot off at great speed covering a vast amount of distance in a second. now in the distance the fiery anomaly was still visible and i watched as it flew up into the sky and disappeared. the photograph were taken on the 20 ‎april ‎2018, 10:29 pm at newton abbot devon england. all the best john mooner my website is

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Credit: MUFON

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