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Monday, April 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Annapolis, Maryland on 2005-10-05 07:05:00 - Star-like object with anomalous movement in clear daylight western sky

Location when sighted: 39.0417339, -76.4471565 i was walking to school in the fall of 2005, the same route i took everyday for years. i left my house on foot and turned onto a street facing west. it was between 7:00-7:10am and the pink in the eastern sky had just dissipated. it was a still, silent morning, there were no clouds and the sky was a dull light-blue. the street i turned onto was a long one with no obstructions or buildings blocking the sky. as soon as i turned the corner to head west, i noticed a bright white star in the sky. it immediately caught my attention, and my first thought was it must be venus, or some planet that is occasionally visible like jupiter or mercury. it was as bright as any normal bright star you'd see in a night sky, and was plainly visible against the palish blue sky of that day. i would not describe it as having any glow or aura, it was only a white dot. i had no astronomical knowledge and had never spotted a planet in the sky before, so i was very pleased to keep looking at it as i walked forward as it was very novel. about 5 more steps, just a few seconds after i first noticed it, it moved to the right and i immediately stopped walking. i felt like as soon as it moved i froze. i watched it move slowly to the right just 3-4 widths of itself, then back to the left 3-4 widths, then do what i would call a small clockwise circle, then move to the right 3-4 more widths and keep this trajectory until it faded out fairly quickly. the movement was very deliberate and smooth and it absolutely changed directions, though it kept to a small radius. after it faded out there were zero traces of the object. i kept staring at the sky for a couple more minutes stunned without moving. noticing the object and then watching it move took no longer than 1 minute from start to finish. i started walking toward the school again keeping my eyes fixed on the sky but it never returned. the appearance of the object was mundane and i wouldn't have given it a second thought if it stayed still, but the movement of it i will never forget.

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Credit: MUFON

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