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Sunday, April 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Nampa, Idaho on 1979-08-19 03:28:00 - First light behind me then another in front of me so bright i could not look at it then very cold

Driving home from boise to nampa. turned off ustick on to star road with no traffic coming. then all of the sudden a very bright light (so bright that it blinded me to look at) that i thought was a big rig with lights on bright. it was coming fast so i pulled on to the shoulder as far as i could. it seemed to stay right behind me..I noticed a strange light all over that seemed to penetrate everything. i could see dust lit in the air in my car etc...With what i would now say was like a blue neon led. then another very bright light came at me from the front and i thought 2 18 wheelers were going to crush me. i began to get very scared my car had died and i was right next to a telephone pole which (began to sink from too much irrigation on the corn field to my right) that is what i thought. as i now was about to get hit from the back and front i grabbed the steering wheel with my left arm and i could see every hair on my arm, the light was so strange i could see right thru my arm hair. then it immediately stood straight up and i began to sweat as i thought i was going to die in the crash. instantly my sweat froze on my arm. period...That was it. until i awoke in nampa about 9 miles away on my bed about 9am. i did not leave the house for 3 or 4 days and did a lot of investigation to find out why i was alive and why i did not get hit...Whom was shining the lights and how i got home with no! as in none! memory of any second from the sweat freezing to waking up. none of what happened to me, where my car was, or how i got home makes any sense! the telephone pole was still there the next week...Of course. i had medical issues afterwards. and still have an unexplained bizarre arthritis. i will provide more details if anyone would like to hear them.

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Credit: MUFON

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