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Thursday, April 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Saint Peter's, Nova Scotia on 2017-07-05 03:19:00 - Glowing pulsating copper looking orb/sphere

I was visiting my parents at our family home in seview,cape breton island, canada for a few weeks last summer with my two kids. i lived there my whole life and it is where i still consider “home” even though , my husband and i had moved to mainland ns 2 years prior for employment reasons but even still seaview is a part of me and who i am. last summer was the first time i had been back home and i was extremely excited that i would get to have some alone time without my two little ones because they were both staying in my moms room with her and i decided since there was not enough space to sleep inside i thought it would be fun to sleep outside on an air mattress in the back of my moms car. it was a big car and it had a big backseat and i lay down the seats and i put my air mattress there and it worked very very well it is very comfy. i thought to myself hey this is perfect i got my nice little spot outside the stars were like nothing i’ve ever seen in a while because i had been in the city for two years and i was so so happy to be able to have this time to myself. i never realized how beautiful and how much i missed looking at the stars in the sky i’m in the country because i was stuck in the city for two years and well that sky was just the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen so i was extremely happy to be outside and by myself. it was probably around 130 before i decided to call it quits and dad get into bed into my little air mattress bed and i fell asleep quite easily it was so nice so peaceful. it was 3:15 am exactly when i was awoken out of a deep sleep quite abruptly for reasons unknown to me. i was laying on my left side facing toward the north east. i remember as soon as i opened my eyes the light was the only thing in my line of sight; hovering just over my tree line. i couldn’t believe my eyes i even rub them a few times than i sat up and shook my head because i didn’t believe that i was seeing what i was seeing! it just didn’t look normal to me at all. 3:19 am was the time i grab my phone i began to film i couldn’t pick it up i couldn’t pick it up at all no matter how hard i tried to adjust my camera it did not work it was only about a minute and a half of adjusting my camera and holding it there as long as i could without shaking that i actually picked the object up with the camera and once i did boy oh boy the object was spectacular! it was glowing pulsating vibrating and spinning. it’s light took over the nights sky but it stayed in that one section of sky just above the tree line facing north east and i couldn’t believe it i just could not believe it. so i captured it on video and took still photos for almost 3 1/2 hours until i decided that it was time to go to sleep even though i didn’t sleep i actually didn’t sleep at all and then stayed up all night kind of just laying there overcome with a unnerving feeling of uneasiness and just confused as to what i witnessing. but it was the next morning that i became convinced that i had witnessed something unworldly and supernatural. my moms car was dead! the car battery died i don’t know how because i didn’t using the car. my mother had given me the keys the night before just in case it got a little chilly during the night i could turn the car on to heat it up however, it was 18 degrees that night and i hadn’t turned the car on not even to roll down the window so it made me believe right then and there that on the car battery died because of that or that i had seen the night before and i say that with a bit of certainty because the night before i was taping the orb and my phone my iphone would not work properly it kept shutting off and turning back on and then the other iphone i was using for my music kept pausing and the volume kept going up and down but i didn’t think much of it at the time but with my moms car battery dying i put two and two together. i went back to truro after that and forgot about the experience until i went back for another visit on july 31st only 3 weeks after the first sighting. i decided to sleep in the car again just so i could keep an eye out for the thing and sure enough the orb was back and if i thought the july 5 sighting was strange i had another thing coming. i won’t go into it here on this report because i’m reporting about the july 5 sighting but it can not only kill batteries but it can turn vehicles on without keys and they can control the lighting of a vehicle and they can lock and unlock doors without a hitch!! i experienced this every night that week. side note: it didn’t stop even after i left seaview and went back to truro either...More report sightings to come. stay tuned. ps. excuse the language on the video, sorry.

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Credit: MUFON

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