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Saturday, April 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Chatham-Kent, Ontario on 2017-08-15 05:35:00 - See the big light but look the the left and see little lights dancing

Last year, in august 2017, i would randomly wake up at night 3:30 - dawn and look out the living room big picture window. usually, it was the neighbourhood dogs waking me up. about august 5th, i started noticing a single white light that was about the height of the light pole in front of my house. you will see the light pole on the right side of my video. this light was there every night. sometimes, it appeared slightly lower than the top of the light pole and sometimes, it was a bit higher. i watched it every night and took images and videos every night until about september 30, 2017. it gradually moved west every night until i couldn't see it out of the living room picture window. every morning, it would move vertically up and disappear into the sunlight, with the rising sun. even with the rising sun, with light out, that white light would be there up to 6:30 a.M. i started waking up specifically to admire this white light. on august 5, 2017, it was a clear light and i took this video at 5:35 a.M. and you will see the big light that i am filming and you will see smaller lights "dancing" to the left of it. i think the lights knew i was watching and probably others were watching as well. i talked about this light at the band office here on the island and mentioned the big white light and one girl said that she takes her walks pre-dawn to dawn and she seen that light as well and wondered what it was. it wasn't scary at all. i've got more videos and i'll share them as well. i don't want to overload my overloaded computer and send all the videos at once. i don't think the white lights really left the area but each night, slowly move west. i'm taking video of these low lights, appearing at stars, and it's amazing to be able to videotape them with my samsung camera that only magnifies up to 21times. it's not an extremely expensive camera so these lights are quite low and don't act like stars. check out the video and see the lights dancing to the left. i've already started taking videos again. well, i actually never stopped taking videos but the white light never appeared at such a low height again. i have a feeling that it will pass in front of my house low again at some point, probably summer again. i finally got a shot which shows a structure behind the light in march 2018 and i hope to post that image soon. thank you for reading this and looking at the video.

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Credit: MUFON

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