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Sunday, April 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lockhart, Texas on 2018-04-14 00:00:00 - Multiplebutthisoneiremember.Iwokeupinmiddleofthenightseeingfloatingobj.Comingtowardsmeatthefrontdoorandthenwenttothesideofmyhouse.Iwentoutandsawitgetcloseto our trailer and the beam 2 things all cameoutonewentinsidemyhousewhileothertookmeinsideufo

Hello my name is michael and i am 15. the past few months i have been having dreams or what seems to be dreams of me seeing ufos or being inside a ufo. it all started in 7th grade. i was on a field trip when we were on on way back from a science muesume i was sitting by the window on the bus next to my good friend d raymond. i am looking up into the sky and i see a shiny little object in the sky. it looked to be floating and just sitting there in the sky doing nothing. in my mind i kinda know it's a airplane but i kinda think it's a ufo or flying saucer. so i turn to my left and tell my friend raymond "hey look it's a ufo."i turn back and it's gone. i kinda start freaking out and can't keep calm. my friends are laughing at me bc they thing i am joking when i really wasn't. when i get home i am still a little freaked out so i tell my mom. i tell her everything and then she tells me "ha that's funny. i just saw some guy in austin posted that he say a ufo to and it also disappeared. he posted his story on face book." after that i freaked out. ever sense then i have been getting a few dreams about ufos and strange beings with my either in my room or me with them in a ufo. i remember on dream so clearly still. so i am asleep and i wake up bc i am thirsty and so i go and get a drink of water. on my way back fro getting a dring of water i see in the conner of my eye i see some glwig lights from out side my window. they must have been pretty bright bc i could tell that it was kinda far from my house still bc it was still behind or across the highway right in front of my house still. as it got close i could kinda see its shape which was disk shaped. it got close and i hide thinking it would not see me. now it was in front of my house and i looked and i see it moving to the right of my house. i could not see it any more so i went out side and hide next to my dads car. then i saw it come ut fro the side of my house an crossed the highway right in front of my house. it moved to the street light and stoped there. it sat there for about a minute until i got closer. it got close and stopped right above our tralier. then came down a dark blue beam of light. it was there for a minute. cars were going right past it like it was never there. then these beings came down and looked at me. i froze and could not move. i felt like moving but couldnt. one being came towards me but walked right past me.The other was still under the dark blue beam. it looked at me and for some reason i started walking towards the beam and i could not stop. there i was standing next to this grey being with large black eyes. for some reason a thought popped into my head and something was saying that it was ok that we are just exermenting on you. i could barly speak but i was able to say " then what is the other guy doing in my house." it said " my partner is just keeping and eye out so we dont get cought by your guardians, thats all." i said ok. then i some how ended up getting up from a table and seeing the being in what seems to be the controls or cockpit of the aircraft.I was curios and went to sit down next to in on some very cool looking chair. we had a conversation but i dont reber everything it said to me but i asked it some questions about the controls of the aircraft. one qustion i asked was "what does this thing run on?" it said equations and dark matter." i then remember it telling me it was time for me to go back to bed and that him and its partner had to leave. then i woke up next morning very very tired. i told my mom and dad about it and they kept telling me it was a dream even though it felt so real. this is only one of about four of my experiences with these beings and ufo encounters. this is one i just remember most. if it happens again what should i do someone please help is it real or just a dream?

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Credit: MUFON

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