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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in New Brunswick, New Jersey on 2018-04-17 00:00:00 - Was like sparkeles in the sky. i couldn’t see them with the naked eye but when i was filming something else with my phone i seen them

There was a car accident at the end of my street that i witnessed. when my girlfriend got home from work i told her about it and wanted to show her the crash site. she said she was tired and didn’t feel up to walking to the spot where it was so since it was close i told her i would go and take a quick video of it on my phone to show her how lucky i was i wasn’t hit while i was crossing the cross walk at the end of my road. when i returned with the vid clip she watched it and pointed out this humming noise and asked me what it was and i didn’t have an answer. so i went back with the phone to see what the humming noise in the video was. when i got back to the crash site i was able to figure out that the humming noise was coming from the street pole light that one of the cars in the accident had hit earlier. so while i was filming it and doing commentary so my girl coulc see what the source of the noise was i was looking up at the light on the pole. it was dark out and as i was filming the light i seen a plane crossing by up in the sky which really didn’t mean anything but i wanted to see how powerful my zoom on my phone was so i zoomed in on the plane and while observing the plane something caught my eye. it was what i’m curious about and the reason i have written this and contacted your site. it looked to me that it was like a bunch of sparkling lights in the sky. i video taped it. when i returned home i showed my girlfriend the tape and she thought it was weird too. we figured out the noise but in the process of figuring it out we now had a different mystery on our hands. this time she got up and walked to the spot with me. it took a few mins for her to get dressed and put her shoes on, but when we returned to the spot where i seen the sparkles in the sky i zoomed into that spot in the sky and video taped them again because that they were still there. i was surprised they were still there cause it took to get back to the location where i seen them before but sure enough they were still up in the sky sparkling. now by this time the plane that i first zoomed in on was long gone but the sparkles were still there. i took a couple moments to video tape them on my cell then we headed back home because it was cold out. i didn’t think to much on it because i was still kinda in shock that the car from earlier didn’t kill me because i was right in-line with the way it drove when it crashed so i was excited about the miracle of being un touched in the first place. it was my girl that told me i should follow this up to see if we could get any answers. the next morning i checked for ufo news and they were running a story online about a sighting down by the jersey shore so this grabbed my attention. the video is what it is. it’s not a craft as far as i could tell but the second video i was kinda thinking that the sparkling lights may have had a shape to them. i can totally be wrong but i guess that’s why we call them ufos. you can email me and i will send you the videos if your interested. i don’t have that phone with me at the moment. i will have it later when my gf returns home from work. thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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