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Sunday, April 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pacific, Washington on 2018-04-09 21:20:00 - 3 red orange spheres. light grew like plazma e. and w. till it was large cigar shape glowing orange. disappeared into smaller. morphing plazma that fell like feather to the ground. others blinked out.

Myself, my wife and two sons were on the deck. we looked up to notice three objects heading toward us in the sky. my kids were excited and apprehensive. me and my wife were calm and curious. suddenly the furthest light kind of morphed/appeared as this large cigar shape. perfectly identical on either side. like a disc or frisby when looking at it directly on as it flew. slightly taller in the middle of object. it appeared brighter more orange in color. it kind of seemed to have fuzzy edges. wasnt hd defined. at this point my youngest started to cry and ran into the house followed by my older son. we stayed put. i was shocked by the sight. i tried to photograph it with my phone but it wouldnt show up in my view/ on screen . i took photos in the direction anyway and ended up with blank black screen..It stayed stationary for a minute then slowly moved north by ne. up the valley floor towards snoqualmy. as they moved north the two other spheres disappeared i lost track of them wathing the large light. the large light disappeared leaving behind the same color light but much smaller as it had moved from my se. directly to the east of us,and it changed shape and density like moving plazma and fell similar but not exactly like a leaf below the tree line down to the ground. it was bizarre. im not sure if they/the lights were entities themselves that confuses me since the one got so huge and shaped like what youd imagine to be a ufo but just illuminated no sign of metallic structure at all. then the later translucent light how it fell to nothing. i know plazma would have been hot so it couldnt be that. intelligently changed shape but then cloked? tear in space time? im baffled and left confused.

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Credit: MUFON

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