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Thursday, April 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Blue Island, Illinois on 1957-10-31 18:15:00 - Ufo came over my neighbor's home, changed path to come over my yard, then went back to original path.

I was 14 years old when this happened back in 1957/1958 when the 1st satellite was due to orbit over the chicago area. my mother, father, an aunt, and i were outside (in blue island, ill.) at around 6p.M. to watch for it. because it was too early and too cold, the others went inside and i stayed outside for a while. i wandered around the yard for a few minutes then turned to go inside and that's when i looked up and saw the ufo. i immediately thought "it's crashing!" as i saw a glittering silvery object with a red, glittering front edge. it, of course, was not an airplane and did not crash, but kept coming toward me. (it was fairly high over the neighbor's house across the street and down a few houses, but not very far. it then changed course to glide over the intervening houses and pause very nearly directly over my head. i was watching all the time; it only took about a minute or so until it was directly over my head...And seemed to pause. i began to giggle because it appeared to stop exactly at our property line and i thought it must have had a strange flight plan (proceed to earl pestow's west property line, etc.) it then began a tight turn back the way it came. at that point, i ran to the back porch, opened the door and hollered for my family to come out and "see this thing", but they refused and said there was still a lot of time before the satellite came over. i didn't have the time to discuss this with them, so i ran back outside to find the ufo. when i got out to see it again, it was nowhere near where it should have been, but was about 90 degs. over to the right to where i thought it would be. i watched it for maybe another 40 seconds, wondering how it got way over there, when it disappeared for 2-3 seconds, then appeared a little further away. it then disappeared again for 4-5 seconds and appeared even further away. it disappeared again, and i never saw it again. it looked like a "thin" (height vs length) tuna can but without defined edges. the leading edge was a bright red (reflecting the afterglow of sunset, i assumed), but it had a surface that dazzled like 4th of july sparklers, but in red. just behind the red/sparkley front, the edge behind that was a bright, aluminum color (like pictures of amelia earhardt's plane), and beyond that i could not differentiate between the sky and the side. the bottom continued to glow white. it size when overhead was about the size of a golf ball or a 50c piece when held at arm's length. from my first sighting to the last sighting, i never felt any fear at all, just kind of a wonderment (if that's a word). thank you for listening to my story. i have no idea why i've waited so many, many years to report this.

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Credit: MUFON

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