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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Asker, Akershus on 2018-01-20 22:00:00 - Seen disc-shaped object twice at different times and locations, flashes red light

I am unsure of the exact dates in january 2018 that i saw the object, but i have seen it twice or at least it was another object that looked like it. anyways, the first time was when my youngest dog (mac) and i were sleeping over at my grandparent's house. when the clock was approx. 22:00 (10pm) we were taking our last walk for the day. mac and i met no human beings and saw lots of nature - birds, trees, lakes and hills. when we were arriving at the house's gate of my grandparents - i saw something. over their house, i saw an object that was almost as big as it. it was disc-shaped like a common ufo. it was also dark and metallic with patterns carved into it. the object was just hovering there - silent and unmoving. as the shock started to grow on me, i stopped my dog and myself. and when i did the object flashed a blinding red light on us that was "star-like" shaped before it took off at an amazing speed until i couldn't see it anymore. all this happened in what felt like 5-10 seconds. i am not sure if mac saw the ufo before it flashed red at us, but he reacted at the harsh light with a high-pitched growl/yelp, jerked backwards and stared at the spot where the object had hovered. afterwards, mac and i went inside of the house. i didn't say anything to my grandparents about it, because i was very tired and went to sleep. i still haven't told them about it in fact. two days later, i am back at my parent's house. we have lots of nature there too, but i think saw some people this time at the beginning of our walk. anyways, i was walking my two dogs (mac and tinni) at approx. 21:00 (9pm) and as i was getting closer to my home. i see the same object. a little further this time by my house. not hovering right on top of it, like it did at my grandparent's home. i did not stop this time as i saw it. instead i think i was walking faster towards it. then the same red light is flashed in my eyes. it's like someone is taking pictures of you with flash light on, only it feels a lot brighter somehow and it later speeds away. mac reacted the way he did before, but with more confidence and like he was trying to threaten it. tinni flinched and looked like she was afraid she would get attacked any second. i never felt any fear or discomfort in front of its presence. honestly, i have always been fascinated by the idea of witnessing something that has extraterrestrial origin, like in the form of lights or orbs. but i would never imagine myself getting up close at a distance of. i am even more shocked by the fact that i would see the same object or another object that looked like it two days later in a different place.

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Credit: MUFON

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