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Sunday, May 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in California on 2017-03-11 15:11:00 - Outdoor taking pics felt called shoot at the sky. none seen necked eyes but after in pic

I was outside working. taking pictures for work. i felt the need, like a call to take a picture above my head even tho i did not see anything with the naked eye. the picture was only of the blue sunny sky above me. later when i downloaded the picture and zoom in i saw several crafts. but one in particular is very clear, donut light, with appendages on the bottom, what looks like a front single light and what looks like a central depression in the middle of the donut shaped craft. the picture taken is unmistakable. it is a saucer. i researched shapes of weather balloons, probes and various research related machineries and none resembles the one in my picture.Since then i took sky pics and caught many round shaped metallic orbs, reflecting sunlight. most appear silver globes but when i catch them behind the direct sunlight they appear to have a black horizontal window on the middle of them and look more oval shaped than round. one time i saw a huge flat disc with the naked eye and took also a picture. it is not a plane, no wings. predominant factor is how slow went and is wanted to be captured in the picture becasue as soon as i did it, it zoomed away in an instant. i will submit pictures. the first is the original picture. the others are not edited, simply i zoomed in with my picture program and took a screenshot of what i was seeing. third picture is another craft i caught in june.My canon xs shot has a powerful zoom. i took a picture of the sun. you can see on the bottom left what looks like a cuboid shaped craft. forth picture is the big one i was able to see with naked eye and zoomed off as i took the picture. and a zoom in screenshot. not sure if of relevance but in fall 2011 a 3 dot triangular shaped scar appeared on my left knee. overnight. i went to bed without i woke with it. and since then never disappeared. the dots at times are redder or swollen at times flat but always present. i measured the distance and form a perfect isosceles triangle with 15 mm distance between each dot.

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Credit: MUFON

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