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Thursday, May 17, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Warkworth, England on 2018-05-16 22:15:00 - It looked triangular shaped but possibly curved edges

Me and my partner were in the house at 10.15pm on the 16 may 2018 when we witnessed a bright white stationery light out of the window. it was a clear night, though becoming dusk, and there were very little stars in the sky at this time and the light was way too bright to be a star which attracted our interest. we went into the garden and witnessed the light which we guessed was probably 4/5 miles from our house to the south - probaby in the west chevington / stobswood area. we have some binoculars which we use for bird spotting in the garden (sadly not too powerful) and we both viewed the light. from the binoculars it looked like it was a triangular shaped craft with white light emitting from the bottom with a constant green and red light, not as bright as the white light, on the top. i went and got my phone with a compass for a more accurate bearing and the light/craft was on a south / south/west bearing. we witnessed this for approximately 5 minutes with the craft/light completely stationery. my partner took a photograph on her phone but sadly given the distance and quality of the phone we can not make out the light but anyone is welcome to view the photo. suddenly the light faded into a dot for a few seconds before disappearing. it then reappeared in the sky in a different place (given the distance hard to judge the distance) and did this approximately 12 times before disappearing completely. in disappearing it did not travel across the sky which i would guess you would see a helicopter or aeroplane would do given it was a fairly clear sky. me and my partner have never witnessed anything like this in the past and though understand many ufo sightings can easily be explained we would like some explanation if possible given that it was a clear night with nothing in the sky.

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Credit: MUFON

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