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Saturday, May 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in New Jersey on 2018-05-04 21:15:00 - I was flying from miami to newark and saw it out of the plane window

I was flying from miami to new jersey. i'm not sure where we were, but was about halfway through the flight so maybe it was north or south caroline... i was watching tv when i looked out the window and saw what i first thought were stars, it was a very clear sky full of stars, but then i realized they had also red lights, so it was red and white lights blinking randomly and at first i believe there were two objects. my second thought was that it could be planes at a distance, i focused on the brighter one to the left , when i looked back at the right side and the second one was already gone. i do not have a clear image of the object, i could only see the lights, red and white, very bright and blinking with no pattern. first it appeared like it was stationary at a very long distance from the plane but then it moved up on a strait line very fast, an ascending movement that would be impossible for an airplane to make, and after it flew towards the plane direction flying way higher then us and passing by, i follow it as much as i could but lost site as it flew over our heads. everything happened really fast and left me doubting myself. i kept asking myself if i really did see what i saw. i recall thinking that could not be a dream because i was very much awake watching a show on tv and i remember all about it. i kept staring out the window hoping it would come back but i didn't see anything anymore. i look around to see if the person behind me was looking also but he was reading a book. i didn't hear anyone talking about it so i thought that was strange that i was the only one on the plane that saw it. i meant to ask the captain as i left the plane but was afraid he would think i'm crazy or something. the only person i told about it is my boyfriend and i have to beg him not to think i'm going nuts. defenitely do not want to talk about it unless it's with someone that had some similar experience as well.

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Credit: MUFON

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