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Monday, May 28, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Dade City, Florida on 2018-05-09 22:30:00 - I was alone in my back yard when i hit a ufo with my lasers pointers and it emerged from the clouds after it stopped raining

Okay here goes.....I've been going out back for about a month with some laser pointers i bought on ebay....Always believed in ufo's because i saw an orb in the sky as a kid in the bronx and it has always stayed with me. so since i got the lasers i've been going out every night with them before bed and shining them in the sky in every direction.....I hate going out when it's clear because i truly believe they use the cloud cover to come down and on may 9 it was cloudy and after being out for a few hours i notice a darker cloud then the rest so i hit it with my lasers and i must of got it on the under belly of the triangle and all of a sudden it emerges from the cloud and hovers with a heat wave under it like a desert floor from the heat......I started yelling my b..Ls off and then another orb appears in back of it and now i'm shaking like a leaf and waking up the neighborhood along with my wife i go running inside to get her and when i came back out it was already gone.....This gets better...I'm out each night afterwards because i can't sleep anymore and on may 25 at 12:15 pm the whole sky is overcast with low cloud cover and i've got four lasers now with two of them with the star pattern pointing up in the sky and i'm laying in my lounge chair looking up and half asleep and an orb shoots by right above me to my right and this time my wife is watching tv (no work) the next day and i start screaming my b..Ls off again and she comes running out i scream to her to get the phone on the chair and record what we are both seeing now.....The orbs 7 of them were playing with my laser pointers and dotting back and forth in the clouds while i was screaming for them to show themselves and come below the clouds.....This lasted for about 15 minutes and then a bunch of them left and there were only two in the cloud cover and they continued to play tag with the lasers dotting back and forth and going dull to bright when i hit them with my laser.....I've been up for two nights and finally went to bed early on the 27th because it was clear again in the sky .....I'm tired all the time now....Nothing showed up on my lousy iphone 7 so i'm trying to find something with night vision because i know they're coming back again to play with me gino

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Credit: MUFON

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