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Friday, May 25, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bella Vista, Arkansas on 2018-04-16 22:10:00 - Bright light observed in western sky. it swung leaf-like. at one point it emitted a corona of small lights leaving a dark center.

At 2210 on 16 april my father looked out his front door window to look for the moon, just before he retired for the night. his house faces directly west so his view was toward that direction. he has flown private planes and is interested in aviation and astronomy so knows what venus and aircraft approaching the regional airport look like. he saw a very bright light in the sky, stationary at first then dropping leaf-like in altitude, "swinging" as he described it from one direction to the other (this would be north to south). it was a white light, pulsing slightly. the object stopped and a "ring of individual lights" seemed to burst from the original light to form a ring around it. the center of this ring, the original light, went dark during this display. in a few seconds the ring of lights disappeared and the object returned to it original appearance. my father watched this until about 2235 when as he says he just got tired and went to bed. consequently we can't say how long the light was visible at that location. he is 85 years old but is of sound mind and wears glasses and takes care of his vision with regular check-ups.

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Credit: MUFON

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