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Friday, May 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Manteca, California on 2017-07-12 00:00:00 - Dogs barking at 2am, let my dog out and looked up to c at least 7 like planets, multiple and dif colors

During the week of july 12 2017 at approx 130-2 am waken to dogs barking in neighborhood and my dog wanted out badly. i let her out and stepped outside to make sure that my vehicles or whatever weren't being broken into, i looked up to the southwest, no clouds, and i could see at least 7 different objects at varying heights and distances. fixed in tbeir positions like the moon or a planet in the sky. ive never seen anything like it. i wasnt truly awake and i went back inside. i stopped walking down the hall and tbought wth are those tbing so i went back outside and they wete still there and hadnt moved at all. the largest and closest appearing was a lime green colered sphere looking like the moon, there was a big blue and a smaler blur one,( looked farther away to me) a tan colred on,i'm sure there was a small white one, there may have been 2 white but small and hard to tell diff. from the stars that were out. there was also a red, a dark red, smaller but the red was very attracting like a sun idk. i watched for 5 min with no change. i was tired and my son gets up at 230 to go to work and with the dogs and the commotion i didn't want to wake him up early so i went back to bed, i sooo. regret that now. the dogs calmed down and i fell asleep. i asked my son if saw these things as he went to work, he said he hadnt notived anything. they must have left because the green shpere was bright like a fulll moon and it looked just like a planet or moon.They were more than noticeable i researched everywhere for days,weeks, months, no one else reported seeing these to my knowledge. ive heard and watched videos of nibiru, my first thought was maybe it is here. i researched more and more, my friends and family just roll their eyes as i try to figure out the answer. during my research i came across articles about a dwarf star system call trappist1. the pictures from nasa on trappist1 show exactly these same colors and the planets appear to be the same size as the spheres i saw. i also watched an orbit simulation by nasa of trappist1 and on this day it may have shown the orbits to be the same the night i went to bed i thought nibiru is here, but i've never seen these again. please help me find some understanding to what i did see. i saw a person in the grand canyon that i know wasn't human, big blue and pink eyes with different colored hair and skin, looked at me as if it was surprised i could c it, it moved quickly into the middle of a crowd as i followed but never saw again, my mother asked what's the matter, i just said i thought i saw someone i knew. after this trip in early may 2017, i witnessed these spheres. ive also seen 2 more that flashed and left our space quickly, i look everyday now at the skies above, i believe we are not alone, i hope you might help me understand these things, thank you for any onfo you can provide on thes spheres

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Credit: MUFON

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