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Monday, May 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sarajevo, Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine on 2001-06-20 19:25:00 - Plasmatic very bright, blue light, startet concentrate on one spot on the ground, and then slowly climeing up reach cloud and then thunders started to fire on all sides. fm station on radio in car stoped running radio.

This is something i never ever saw anywhere in my life. its imposible to compare it to anything. i was looking at panorama of sarajevo city. it was the day light, summer time. 1-2h before the sun set. on the distance aproximetly 3 km (sky distance) from my position, im looking at unreal bright plasmatic blue neon light, that is gathering from all sides to one spot (radius cc 50-100m). thats happening on the ground ! after a 10-15 sec. beam of plasmatic blue light (as in line) now slowly started climeing up untill have reach the clouds. then on the top of it started lightning (real thunders) on all sides, away from the center of top of the light. so it took for this to happen around 20-25 sec. finally whan all was over since i was in the car and didnt drive but was just listening radio, the fm started loosing signal and stoped for about 5-7 sec. it was obviously that the radio noise was some kind of reflection of what ever was happening. this is 100% serious and one of my friend was with me and saw a hole thing. i must say that the bright light was doing little change in spectar of blue color, and the brightening pipe line that was climeing up was moveing very slowly up to the sky. importante to report is that it was a nice sunny day, but only above this place, where some of the clouds that coverd what happened when the beam of light reached clouds. it has been some time untill i saw that with my friend who can say all about it as wel, and i will never forget it.. it wasnt anything from this world or phisic that we know. importante: this was happening next to millitary base in sarajevo butmir airport

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Credit: MUFON

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