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Friday, May 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Enterprise, Utah on 2018-05-04 02:52:00 - 2 greenish lights followed beside me as drove then hovered above me then disappeared then followed me home

I was driving home from st.George, ut to enterprise, ut heading northwest on highway 18 at approximately 2:45am. at approximately mile marker 38 i saw two green lights to the southwest of me, as i drove through the canyon the lights came closer towards me and was descending from the dark sky. my initial thought was “what a weird place to see a drone” but as i thought through it i realized nobody would be flying a drone in this area at this time of morning. then as the lights got closer i realized this was a bigger object than i thought and it began hovering next to me as i drove. i reached for my phone to take a picture and the object hovered above me then hovered just ahead of me hugged up to the mountainside, i wondered if it was going to la d because it was so low then it hovered up and over the mountain, keeping close to the treetops and then out of sight in a northern direction. as i came out of the canyon i scanned the dark sky looking for the green lights again but i didn’t see anything but stars. as i continued driving home i was questioning what i saw and my own sanity. then as i turned right down my street there were the two green lights again, about 150 yards in front of me and approximately 20 feet above the ground coming at me so i turned my lights off and grabbed my phone. as i snapped two pictures the object just hovered in place for about 15 seconds, this is when i noticed the green lights spinning into and out of sight and the first time i saw an orangeish red light blinking below the green lights, then it floated away in a southwest direction. when i got home i could still see the green and red lights in the distance. i was so creeped out and was afraid of abduction because of the object “following” and “watching” me that i sat in my car with the lights and engine off for 5 minutes before running in my house and locking all the doors, and shutting all the blinds. i could not hear anything and i could not make out a formation with my naked vision, but when i looked at the pictures i had taken i then saw the formation of the object, the windows in the object and some sort of blue glow at the top of the formation, none of those visible to the naked eye in the dark. i continue to now hear a “hovering” sound over my house come and go as i type this, 4 times in the last hour but when i look outside there is nothing to be seen, then the sound just disappears, (i’m not 100% sure this is related, but we do not have known flying objects such as helecopters flying around enterprise, and the sound is not that of an airplane).

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Credit: MUFON

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