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Sunday, May 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lexington, Kentucky on 2018-05-24 17:05:00 - Witnessed an object floating in the sky, fly a bit, then glow and disappear.

I was on my way to a family member's graduation ceremony in frankfort. i had just passed the i64/i75 split (heading west) and ended a phone call with my mother to get parking information about the event. as i ended the call, i looked up to see a helicopter flying very low over the interstate. initially, i was concerned. the helicopter looked as though it was getting lower and lower, so much so that i thought it might actually crash. after driving a bit closer to the helicopter's location, i looked up to see if maybe there was another plane or helicopter in the area. just to my right, i saw a possible answer. there in the sky, fairly high up, was a small silver object. it looked like an orb shape, possibly a little more oval than circular. it hovered for a bit, then flew very quickly in a short straight-line. after looking back at the road, i glanced back up to see a bright white-green light encircle the object. the light brightened a little then the object and the light were gone. there was nothing there. it just disappeared. the sky was clear, no clouds, so it would have been easy to see if it had just moved, but i scanned the whole horizon in front of me and there wasn't anything else. i kept looking for another 5 minutes, but didn't see anything. honestly, it was terrifying. i can't explain what i saw and that it is the scariest part. i called my husband in a panic and told him what i saw. thankfully, he didn't think that i was crazy or that my eyes were playing tricks on me. the next day, we scanned local news reports to see if anyone else reported it, but no one else has so far. and i am not for sure what happened to the helicopter. hopefully, they are okay. if anyone else in the area, saw the object as well, just know that i saw it too and that while i have no explanation for what it was, i believe you.

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Credit: MUFON

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