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Friday, May 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Crete, Illinois on 2018-05-06 02:06:00 - Low flying huge white fireball traveling e-w 2am sunday morning (eta meteor shower weekend) no meteors seen.

Cleaning my barn after 2nd shift. taking manure to dumpster at the end of my driveway (west)..I had asked if the orbs would come out that night, it is pitch black until the moon comes up around 3am here.. not 60 paces later, a huge long white fireball buzzed me from behind! moving east to west/northwest. it actually caught me so off guard, as i watch the skies nightly while cleaning the barn in the middle of the night. i actually ducked! it was so large, and so low, seeming to skim the tree tops! i heard a sizzle, and smelled that metallic sulfur smell of those july 4th metal sparklers. i was so startled from this fireball coming up behind me, my heart was racing as i watched it disappear over the tree tops of the woods beyond my dumpster. it was huge, 2-3 fingers raised to the sky. measuring to the driveway length, it was 150 ft in length, with sparkles thru out the long tail. flat trajectory. no decearnable decent. just low, large, and close. the sound, then the bright light caught my initial attention. my response was cool, awesome, thankyou! and totally pumped, as usual. the following 2 days my face burned, but wasn’t red. i have a 3 photos i took of an oblong “cartouche” shaped “scar” on my right forearm, that also lasted 2 days post sighting. i am not saying the physical aspects are related to the sighting, but the whole event was odd.

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Credit: MUFON

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