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Saturday, May 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kenansville, Florida on 2017-10-29 17:15:00 - Fast moving light bolted across a cloudless sky

I took my kids to a corn maze south of our town. the land there is mostly farms with very little development. we entered the maze around 5pm when most people were already gone. i was really taken with the natural beauty around us - a perfect day, one of those rare moments - clear and bright blue sky, wind tossing the corn stalks back and forth and the sun, the sun seemed so big that i couldn't recall having seen it like that before. i let the kids run and i walked to an area alone for a few minutes so i could film. i wanted to take a piece of that moment home with me forever. i definitely got that and it brought me here. i tried to report what i will explain next several times from my cell phone right after it happened but i got kicked out both times and grew frustrated. i meant to file this several more times but you know how life leads us away from this type of thing. i took several videos on my phone and walked back to some benches in the maze. i saw this craft on the second video i shot. i had to slow it repeatedly because it seemed like it jumped space. this glowing object darted across the sky rather low and made a rolling turn as it passed out of my frame. i didn't see it with my naked eye but it is on film. looking back, yes, i had a strange feeling standing there alone, i sensed something was around. ive been like that all my life and it's only now as i am getting older (in my 40s) that i really pay attention to the feeling. i didn't hear this object and i didn't see it live but i absoltuely felt that shift in energy. i need to review more of the video that i shot that day to see if our guest made just this appearance or more. i asked the kids if they saw anything strange but they had not. i did post this on my twitter account fairly quickly after it happened so there is record there. i am going to include the youtube video link. i dont want to risk losing this page, god knows when i could retype all this again. link here -- --- there is another ufo video that my brother shot also on my channel. i will ask him again to come here and report his experiences. i froze each frame and slowly went through it trying to get a good image for a still. i found one shot that was solid enough for me to blow up. i put it all togehter in a youtube video. i have the raw footage for anyone who might like to try get a better shot. i used a few editing programs to play with the light and remove some glare and increase the clarity. the picture that emerged startled me - it looks like a humanoid sitting on some kind of deck looking my direction. i didn't change anything in this one still but light so you can see it all yourself. i am really amazed by this experience. i didn't get a bad feeling at all, not for a second, it was more a peaceful and warm feeling, like some old friend doing a fly-by hello. you can judge for yourself what i have on film. i think it's a special shot and one that was the perfect capstone for that perfect day. thanks for reading.

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Credit: MUFON

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