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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Montgomery, Alabama on 2004-03-10 18:00:00 - Felt feeling of being observed, went to window to observe an orb which was apparently observing me.

So this happened approx. 15 years ago and i've only told a couple of people in my life because the story is so strange and i wouldn't believe it if someone told me. i'm not sure why i started thinking about the incident again recently, but i think it will be a relief to get this off my chest anonymously to a community that may be able to give me some insight. i'm now 33. at the time the incident happened i was about 15 and i distinctly remember that i was studying ap biology, deep in thought about cell structure, when suddenly my attention was abruptly broken by my mom shrieking from downstairs to come down because dinner was ready. i yelled back because i was annoyed that my deep concentration had been broken. i mention the studying and concentration for two reasons: 1) because the event that happened next was so strange that i remember just about everything from that night, and 2) my state of mind may have had something to do with what happened. i headed downstairs for dinner, but on the way down the stairs, and even before i had started down the stairs, i felt the sense of being watched. you know that feeling with the hair raising on the back of your neck and you turn around, and sure enough someone is staring at you. it was like that, but it's impossible to say exactly when the feeling started, because it was gradual. i guess i didn't notice it while i was studying because i was so focused on something specific. anyway, as i was going down the stairs i felt compelled to look up above the fenestra (window) above our front door. it's like i knew i would see something if i looked up and through the window, sort of like a premonition. and sure enough, there was a strange white orb of soft white light hovering without motion in the sky. i'm very poor at gauging distance and so i couldn't tell you the size of the object or its distance from me. but it was definitely behind the tree of the house across the street, and when the object finally darted away at the end of our encounter (really fast and away from me) i could tell that it was quite high up in the sky. probably not as high as a plane. it was *definitely* not a star or any craft with human technology, unless the military is working on new secret tech. but this was 15 years ago, and i still haven't seen anything like this technology emerging. anyway, to get to the strange part of the story, the real meat of the story, what happened after i saw the white orb through the door window is that i ran back upstairs to get a better view from my brother's window, running because i was worried the object might disappear because i had noticed it. i had seen plenty of things on tv about aliens and ufos and never took any of it seriously, but figured that what i was seeing might be a ufo, and if it was, these types of encounters are rare, and so it was exciting to finally see some proof for myself. i went upstairs and looked through my brother's window, and sure enough, there the white orb was, not moving and standing still in the same location as before. i don't know how i knew, but somehow i knew that the orb/sphere was sentient. not necessarily sentient as in the orb/sphere of light contained a sentient entity within itself, but that it had sentient properties. side note, but it recently occurred to me that perhaps it was some sort of probe with advanced telemetry technology that was remotely controlled. anyways, not only did i know it was sentient, but i also somehow knew that it could "hear" my thoughts and was looking at me, observing me. at first i just stood there staring at it, not knowing what to do or think. and i knew it was looking at me thinking the same thing. for some reason i felt no fear, just a little bit of apprehension and immense curiosity. i have a super playful personality, am very creative and open, and i knew this was possibly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and that i should take advantage of it because life is short and boring and hard. i'm very adventurous and daring and willing to take risks. since the orb was simply sitting still and apparently not capable of doing anything, i decided to run an experiment of sorts on it to see it if could really read my mind like i thought it could. i asked "it" (the orb of white light) that if it could actually hear me, could it please move about an inch (from my perspective) to the left. with almost no hesitation, it moved approximately one inch in the sky from my viewing perspective to the left. for this object, me telling it to move to the left would mean it had to move to the right from its own perspective. also, me specifically giving the instruction of one human inch means that it had to be able to instantaneously calculate what "an inch to the left" would look like from my perspective at the window, within milliseconds, which it did. at that point i started to feel a bit more apprehension coming on, but i was also excited about what was happening because i have a childlike openness to new and strange things. and what if aliens and some of the rumors you hear about ufos are true? wouldn't it be exciting to have this rare opportunity to interact with an off-world life form? not that i knew or know now what it really was. anyways, i chose to continue interacting with it, and it obliged. i further tested it by asking it to move back to the exact location it had been before, which was about an inch to the right. as soon as it started sliding back to the right i began to feel this oncoming sense of fear for the first time. the object seemed to simultaneously sense my fear because i noticed it perceptibly slowed its movement in response to my fear as it slid back to its original position, as if responding hesitantly to my own hesitation. it's difficult to verbalize since the experience was almost entirely telepathic, except for the visible presence of the white ball of light. at that point i decided that i needed to take "control" over the situation (yeah right!) because i didn't know where this game was headed, and so i basically focused a ton of negative mental energy towards the object to try to scare it away. i'm not telepathic or psychic that i know of, but somehow i knew i could do this to this thing, whatever it was. i closed my eyes while i did this in order to really focus the energy, and when i opened them the white orb was gliding fast away from me and out of my line of sight from the perspective of the window, but i knew it was still watching me. i felt bad afterwards and still feel really bad about the whole thing, i guess because i initiated the strange interaction and the object/entity was kind enough and playful enough to oblige my curiosity by playing along with my weird experiment. but i don't feel too bad about how i handled it since the orb was the one invading my personal space (literally) without my knowledge or permission. the mind is about as personal as it gets. it invaded my privacy, and i invaded its psychic comfort, if even for only a moment. i guess i shouldn't be surprised that i never saw any orbs ever again. i've never seen or experienced anything paranormal other than this one peculiar incident. i half expected the orb to show up again one day, but over 15 years on nothing has happened. maybe they are keeping tabs on me remotely... lol

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Credit: MUFON

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