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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Reno, Nevada on 2018-05-04 23:59:00 - Four strange lights over south reno

I had just arrived home from work around midnight, from may 4 going into may 5. as i walked up my driveway, i looked at the sky over my house. low in the sky, over my neighborhood in south reno, i saw a bright red light in the sky toward the west and a little north. it was much too big to be a star or planet, not to mention, it was just over the city. the light seemed more to radiate, like heat or energy. it wasn’t a steady solid “lightbulb” type of light. i've worked at airports before. this wasn't a plane or helicopter. i kept waiting for it to move or change, so that i could figure out what it was. but, it simply remained a light. it was silent. it moved, sometimes hoovering, from north to south, before moving up at a 45-degree angle and dimming out high in the sky. this lasted about a minute. a second or two after this first light disappeared, three more (identical) appeared, in the same general section of sky as the first. two of these lights traveled as a pair, a little higher in the sky than the first one, and the third lagged a little lower than the others. however, they moved across the same section of sky from north to south, hoovering a little and moving slowly before taking the same angular rise and dimming out. this lasted about 2 to 3 minutes. there was no noise, no humming or engine sound. the light was steady, though it moved like it was “radiating”. i kept thinking that rather than watching and filming this, i should probably just get in the house. i don't scare easily at the unknown, but this made pretty nervous.

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Credit: MUFON

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