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Monday, May 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mancos, Colorado on 2014-05-31 00:00:00 - Very large object emitting bright light hovered above horizon then spun and fled when investigated below horizon, behaving unlike typical aerial craft of today

I was driving home (eastward) near dusk, after meeting a friend in town for an afternoon meal, and i was within a mile or so of the couty road that lead to my home (which would have been within a half mile of the object's actual locatiom) when i noticed what i thought was a star, just above the northern most horizon, but as i drove, i realized that the light of day was not low enough for the brightness of the light i observed to be contrasted as it was (this light was as bright as a helicopter with a spotlight at something like 300 - 500 yards). i had been wistfully enjoying this "early star" for a mile or more of driving before this thought occurred to me. as i realized this, i noticed that the light i took for a star was outlined by a black shape resembling a complex bell on it's side. i was nearing the turn from the highway, so i waited until i had exited before i stopped to get a more stable look. just as i stopped my truck and killed the engine, i was startled to see the object "undulate" in a spinning motion, and when it had turned 180 degrees, it smoothly, but quickly, began moving away from me (north). the motion was unfamiliar to me, which i found strange as i am familiar with many military aircraft, having been interested in them as a hobby since i was a child, and having served in the u.S. army, i can say that this craft (or whatever i saw) behaved in a manner that could have only been executed by a highly precise hovering aircraft. being in montezuma county, co, with the closest military base being in albuquerque, nm, the time of day, and the officially recorded military aircraft operating in the area, i find that my observations are only explainable by technology developed secretly beyond the officially released status, or something not achieved by humans as of yet. as i had been watching it for multiple minutes before, the timing struck me as "overly coincidental". as stated previously, while twilight was upon me, it was not dark enough that stars should have been noticible, especially not one so bright as this. yet this object, emitting a bright, white light, hovering above the horizon, appeared to have noticed my unusual behaviror and had reacted to move beyond my sight. i cannot say why. to that date or since, i have not witnessed anything so presently apparent an unexplainable aerial object as what i saw that day.

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Credit: MUFON

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