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Thursday, May 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Keeseville, New York on 1967-10-14 21:30:00 - I was on my way home after work. i lost close to 1:30 hours. i was left with an incision mark an even had a drain put in. don't remember that part but rest is still vivid.Later when i did have surgury my doctor told me i had been opened up before and he

.I was driving home from work. after getting off rhe exit i saw 3 odd beings walking along side the road. i swerved to avoid them and i proceded to go home. that is when i saw lights coming at me an i thought it was a car. but when i realised there was no car i thought where did it go?That is when i saw the object hovering off to my left. it appeared dark in color but reminded me of a round harmonica because i could see what looked like evenly spaced windows. at first a lite appeared in the upper left cotner of the 1st window and then followed the shape of the window back to the starting point. at this point the 2nd set of lites did the same thing until all were doing it. then it did a tracing pattern an then it went faster which made it look like it was spinning. the next thing i remember i was floating in the air prior to being brought inside. however, outside the craft i got to see what i call the engineering of this thing and it was beautiful. after that i found myself back in my car and exclaiming my god its a ufo its beautiful i had a standard car so my car needed to be downshifted before it stalled out. i remember thinking this is truly something and i wanted to look for as long as i could. then i thought i need to get out of here. so i drove on an once i got to the road i lived on i needed to pull over and think this out. so i stopped got out of my car an walked around a bit an then i looked at my watch an it was late. 11:45p/m and i needed to be at work by 9 a/m.Tried to tell the girls i worked with but they laughed. i was 18. at age 24 they had to do exploritory surgury on me. when my doctor was removing my stiches he told me he thought ne did a good job all except for the drain area. he said my previous surgeon had done a fabulous job on my previous surgury. i told him i had never had another adomanail surgury. he said oh yes you did. you have been cut all the way into the womb but whatever instruments he had used my doctor said he'd like to know because it was so precice and clean. in fact he said he was going to make notes in my chart just how clean the prior incision was. that blew my mind. i can say this i believe i was pregant that nite before this incident and that same nite i became non pregant. it happened and no i don't drink smoke or do drugs. that really happened and i believe there maybe a time in my future they will come back. just feel that way. time diffinately has something to do with it. thankyou.

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Credit: MUFON

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