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Saturday, May 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Biloxi, Mississippi on 1973-09-30 17:30:00 - Round orange color 20-30ft in diameter traveling extremely fast

It was sometime in october 0f 1973. i was stationed at keesler afb. we were in formation having role call around 17.30 hrs. anywhere from 50-100 airmen were standing in formation when we saw a round orange object flying directly towards us very fast. the object was traveling on a straight path only about 40ft above the ground it went over our heads and when we tuned around to look over our shoulders we could no longer see the object. when we turned back around to face the sergeant he was pulling his eye glasses back down over his eyes. we standing in front of our barracks at the time of this incident. our barracks had 3 floors so at the maximum it was 40ft high. because of the speed the object was traveling and height of our barracks behind when we turned to look over our shoulder i was just gone. this object did not seem to be ascending i think if was ascending that when we turned back around our sergeant would have still had his glasses up looking at it. when standing in formation we are facing a large concrete surface we called it the flight line. we marched across the flight line every evening on our way to class. i cannot remember if their were aircraft hangars on the other side of the flight line or not. now this object had to have come out of the sky made a 90 degree turn about 40ft above the ground at very fast speed and across the flight line directly towards us. now maybe their were hangars on the other side of the flight line and it came out of one of them. all i can say is that when first saw the flying object it was coming straight towards us when it was maybe 100ft away. after the incident no one asked " what was that". when we got to class and took our first smoke break i did not hear any one talking about what we had seen. this subject never came up. we were not threatened or anything it just did not come up. almost as if it never happened. i would really like to know if anyone else reported an incident like this. orange round sphere traveling very fast in october of 1973 on keesler afb, after graduating from class i went on to work on fighter interceptors the air force did not have anything like i saw on keesler

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Credit: MUFON

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