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Saturday, May 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Fort Stockton, Texas on 2016-09-21 21:08:00 - Disk like. maybe smaller then an airplane. pulsating lights. very close to my car. did not chase us.

I kept seeing those orb in the sky. not every day but once in. while in the fall. it looked like it would land just before sunset. one day got curious and started following it. it was 10 miles from where i would see it. by the time i got there.. to belding.. it was dark. someone was also with me and we decided to record it on their snapchat account. i don’t know why we didn’t record it on the phone camera? maybe because we truly did not expect to see anything. or if we did we figured it would be some kind of drone. we think it was a drone because of the way it would move in the sky.. very strange. knew it couldn’t be any kind of aircraft. it flowed lights too. i felt like it wanted us to follow it. so we did. it seemed to get lower the closer we got. lie it was meeting us in the middle. there are a lot of trees in belding so for a couple of minutes we could no longer see it. there is a stop sight before turning back to fort stockton when we reached that stop sign you can either go right torward a prison or left to fort stockton. as soon as we stopped we noticed stir object right in the middle of the road. maybe about 20 feet away. i don’t know if it was hovering or planted in the ground. it looked pretty stable though. it was glowing orange red and yellow lights. from left to right one by one. circled lights. the noise is hard to describe maybe like a rumble i’m not sure. we only got a glance of it and then turned to fort stockton going 90 miles an hour. the object never moves.. i looked right then left to make sure no cars were coming. when i looked left that is when i saw the object. the other person was recording at you can here a scream saying it’s right there!!! i was also saying something and panicking in the back ground. we have video of the orb but not the object we saw 20 feet away. we were just taken so off guard and scared that all you can see is the camera looking at the radio and then moving around and of course us panicking in the background. i have never been so scared in my life. i had always wanted to see something like that but never thought i would especially that close. i have not gone back at night to belding. i used to drive there when i wanted to get out and take a drive now i don’t. i went half way one time by myself and th n chickened out. i don’t know what i saw but i was significant enough that i thought it should be documented. i forgot to mention an aircraft in the area was seen on a runway near belding. i just remembered after going through the videos.

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Credit: MUFON

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