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Friday, May 11, 2018

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UFO Sighting in South Portland, Maine on 2018-05-11 11:55:00 - Hovering white sphere rapid jump in distance then disappeared

Just left verizon wireless store in south portland, maine. store is next to airport, so accustomed to seeing planes take off and land. zero clouds in bright light blue sky. after turning onto gorham rd facing west stopped at stop light. look straight ahead and saw a brilliant white dot in sky. saw a seagull of similar color so shifted head to see if maybe another gull or spot on windshield, object was stationary to movement of head. traffic light seemed long and moved eye from red light (had just turned red as i was pulling up) and the white sphere. object remained in same spot (measured against an actual spot on windshield while not moving head or body) and same size, brilliant white but no glare. after traffic light turned green proceeded to next light 1 block further up street. another red traffic light and looked back up to see white sphere in relative same part of sky about equal distance from ground to where last observed. looked back down at light and then up again and object was no longer there. searched sky and couldn’t find it, right before turning and heading south bound caught a very distant pinprick of white light far off in distance. after turning and getting onto entry ramp to the interstate i observed a jet flying from the northeast to the southwest, jet had a small chem trail behind it. approx 30 min later stopped and downloaded video footage from dashcam to my ipad and attempted to zoom in on object. perhaps due to the ipad or the camera can see a dot where i remember seeing the object but was very fuzzy. will have to see if better clarity on a computer screen. got time of sighting from my dashcam so should be fairly easy for someone doing research to check to see if object was a rising passenger jet having recently taken off from the airport or if something else. object really did appear to just sit and hover for the longest of time and did not resemble an aircraft so would be curious to know if anyone else saw something similar.

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Credit: MUFON

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