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Saturday, May 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Virginia on 2018-05-10 21:16:00 - Luminous spheres above the bridge

This is a video of a luminous sphere which was seen above the bridge at the route west i-66 near the intersection north i-81 , using an infrared camera. the sphere was seen flying above the bridge, and doing fast movements up and down until it held its position in the sky. afterwards two small luminous spheres (1) and (2), were seen approaching the luminous object, but only one sphere(1)was flying around the luminous object. the other sphere (2) disappears out of the view. after the small sphere(1) approaches and joins, it was separated a small distance from the luminous object but continued being still near the luminous object. after was seen the small light separated in more distance as it was at the beginning. afterwards, both objects were observed maintaining their position in the sky until losing view when both disappeared in the darkness of night. minutes later was observed the luminous sphere appeared again and its held itself above the bridge, but in another position in the until disappeared with an ascended movement to the sky. to verify that this sphere was not a star, a search was made with the apple app “sky view lite “, and it showed the planet jupiter and different stars in the sky. where the luminous spheres were, there was no presence of star mass. the video was edited using slow-motion and zoom; in addition photos are provided with an added an infrared version of the photographs.Video camera: boblov wg-37 5x40 digital ir night vision - digital 940nm - monocular. other information: coordinates (+-) 39.004115n -78.289636w altitude (+-) 699.9ft

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Credit: MUFON

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