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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Spencer, North Carolina on 2017-11-17 01:30:00 - Craft expelling objects

While watching the 2017 leonid meteor shower on nov 17th of 2017 at approx. 1:30 am i noticed a what i thought was a meteor entering straight in where you get a ball of light that gets bright and goes out and stays in the same spot about the same as a bright satellite flare. after i had my eyes on the area another object lit up the same way falling straight down and quickly going out.I observed it over a length of 4 outstretched hand widths moving exactly west to east, and it expelled approx. 7-8 objects ,some a lot brighter than others. there was no sound at all, and no lights visible with the naked eye. looking through my binoculars, i could see the craft when it would pass in front of a star and black it out as it went across it and could follow its movement. i occasionally see a very faint orange light, like a lit cigarette at a very long distance. one of the objects expelled while i was watching through binoculars,and i could see a faint orange glow and it lit up like the others and quickly went out. the craft stopped moving for approx. 2 min and i thought it was gone and it expelled another object and changed direction moving exactly south. while observing the craft 3 commercial aircraft randomly came through, one directly between me and the craft and the craft was at a way higher altitude than the commercial aircraft, it may have even been orbital after seeing the airliner between me and the craft. just estimating the time it took when it would cross a star from beginning to end, the comparison would be the craft would be the size of a outstretched pencil eraser compared to the airliner being less than half of that. i've seen many countermeasure flares and there is no way these were flares. all the objects expelled were at almost the same interval. the time it took from when i saw it to when it stopped was approx. 1.5min. when it started moving south i could follow it for maybe another 40 seconds and it got to a part of darker sky and lost track of it.

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Credit: MUFON

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