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Saturday, May 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Newton Abbot, England on 2018-05-03 12:06:00 - Saucer descending into clouds

It was a beautiful hot sunny day and i had been outside sky watching for about an hour when i spotted a saucer shaped object that was apoaching from the east heading straight in my direction. as the saucer got closer the sunlight hit the top of the saucer turning it from a dull gun metal grey to a yellow colour that had a tinge of green. the bottom part of the saucer also changed to a pink violet colour. the saucer then started to descend to a lower altitude where it released a small black object that flew above the saucer which i then lost sight of as i turned my attention back to the saucer that was now headed straight toward some clouds that were directly below it. just before the saucer entered the clouds i managed to get off a burst shot with my nikon p900 camera capturing the movement of the saucer in seven photographs. the photographs clearly show the movement and the flight path of the saucer. what i found really fascinating about the saucer was the way it was moving through the air using the widest service area of it's body (the flat bottom of the craft) which does not make any sense aerodynamically as this would cause a large amount of drag and slow the saucer down which it did not appear to do. now this is where it gets weird i already know why there was no drag on the saucer here is the answer. every part of space that surrounds us has a numerical value an address which is governed by complex mathematics of this quantum simulation that we all find ourselves in. the occupants of these crafts are some how able to hack these numerical space values skipping across them like a stone skipping across water thus making it look like they are able to defy gravity when in fact they are not. they are not even moving they are still. this is why they appear to move so fast and pull off impossible manoeuvres without being exposed to excessive g forces that would be deadly to any biological entities. they are bending the numerical space around them. these craft also have the ability to translocate to different numerical area of the sky thus making it look like they have appeared out of nowhere. they also exhibit what albert einstein described as quantum spooky action giving any on lookers a very puzzling sight indeed. i have been very fortunate to have witnessed these attributes and characteristics of these craft through the many sightings i have had over the years it is really an interesting field of study. the photographs were taken on the ‎3rd of ‎may ‎2018 at newton abbot devon england.

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Credit: MUFON

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