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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hesperia, California on 2018-05-28 00:00:00 - White spinning 1st looking like boomarang then a circle

Laying out in back yard with a friend, getting some sun,,looked up over the roof of my house seen something in the sky, it was going up pretty fast at 1st i said its a plastic sack being lifted by a thermal,, there was no wind, then after reaching about 500 ft it stopped and hovered, thats when i told my friend to look at it,, it was very white, spinning, slightly off of being a perfect circle, as we watched it started moving south, and gaining altitude, travled about 5 miles stopped again,, hovered, now i go get my binoculars, a good pair 10 x 50 bushnells, with them i could see better, i seen slight color changes around the edges red mostly.It was still hovering then very fast to moved to my left, traveled maybe 3 miles stopped again, then moved so fast it disappeared,, while looking thru the binoculars, a small plane flew below it. my guess airplane was about 1000 feet elevation the object was about 3000 feet elevation. this sighting lasted about 4 or 5 mins,, we talked about it , then went back to just laying out in the sun, about 30 mins later, another one showed up, about the same place in the sky. i told my friends theres another one. she looked up and seen it too.It did pretty much the same as the 1st one but didnt last as long. i kept looking into that direction of the sky but didnt see anymore strange things .. as far as how i felt,, i was happy to see it, no fear, made me think very hard of what it might have been, i have no answeres to what it was, this isnt the 1st time i have seen strange objects flying in the sky, but it is the 1st time i reported it,, ty

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Credit: MUFON

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