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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Salt Lake City, Utah on 2018-05-27 21:54:00 - I took 3 photos of conjunction of moon and jupiter. this disk appeared in all. it wasn't the moon or jupiter and it moved from right to left.

My wife and i were leaving a dinner party at two friends' home in salt lake city. i wanted to take a photo of the conjunction of the moon and jupiter, which were closer together than they had been for many years. i took three views with my iphone. the first was badly out of focus, the second much better focus and the third in good focus. i didn't think anything odd had happened until i looked at the pictures. a bluish-white sphere with some sort of markings or divisions on it had moved slightly, going from right to left in the view while i was taking the pictures, and it showed up in all three. i thought perhaps it could be a reflection of the moon on the iphone lens but as far as i can tell the last two photos are in exactly the same position and orientation, but the object had moved. if it were a reflection and the camera wasn't moved in the four seconds between those photos, the reflection would be in the same place. i don't know what it was and i'm curious. i am not claiming it is anything otherworldly but would like an analysis of the photos. in them the moon is obvious, jupiter is the bright object to its upper right and the orb or sphere is to the lower right of the moon. a check of a planetarium program will verify that at that time jupiter was in the position in which it shows up in the view so the object isn't jupiter; also, it moved some distance in nine seconds, which jupiter would not have. i do not agree with the conditions below because i don't want mufon to have the "exclusive" right to my photos. mufon has the right to publicize them, but i reserve the right to publicize them also. one of the images has already appeared in my blog so it is impossible to grant mufon exclusive rights to it. other than that caveat about exclusive rights, i agree to the points in the paragraph.

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Credit: MUFON

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