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Thursday, May 10, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Eagan, Minnesota on 2018-03-10 22:22:00 - 2 orbs showed up and chilled high above me for 2 hours

1 had just finished driving home from another city at about 1030pm 2 it was bright and in the sky 3 possibly a star or streetlight 4 above the trees was a light. it looked spherical and like it wasn't made of any material at all. it hovered over streets and trees. sometimes it would "breathe" up and down slowly. sometimes it darted around like a gnat. it sometimes pulsated. sometimes it seemed to have internal and external gyrating colors. to the naked eye it looked like an odd colored star. when zoomed in with my camera it looked like a glowing orb, way brighter than the stars behind it. based on distance it seemed basketball sized. 5 i saw the same orbs 3 nights prior right after driving home after n64 gaming ( intense smash bros ). because i'd seen them before, i felt excitement, comfort, and comedic delight. i took a video from home. followed it 1 mile up a hill on sidewalk on foot. asked a stranger in a walgreens parking lot if he had a memory card i could buy. he was confused and said no. i zoomed in on the orb so he could see it wasn't a star or plane or helicopter. he's blown away. i get a ride from his friend to cub (next building over ). the friend i called shows up. i hand him my camera and tell him to check out this ufo while i buy a memory card. cub has no memory cards. he drives me back to my house to get memory cards and the orbs follow (another orb showed up before we left). i enter my house and get more memory cards. i record more videos. then my friend drives us to the taco bell 1 mile away. the orbs follow enough that i get good video of them from the car. we get back to my house. i record more. another orb shows up. my friend takes off. i put the photos and videos of my filled memory card on my laptop. i felt amazement, hilarity, delight, fun, bafflement, surrealism, and a sense of duty. this just happened so i'd say now i feel calm, giddy, proud and tired and normality. 6 clouds came and blocked my view.

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Credit: MUFON

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